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Saving Elmo

*for the open-minded only :)

I’ve been a JuliElmo fan since Pyramid, and yes, I’m going to keep on bragging about it. I started to write December 2010. My first post was a compilation of JuliElmo prods and words that expressed my deep appreciation for the both of them. My post got discovered and was posted in pages, that made me want to write even more. Since then, I kept on writing about JuliElmo. As months, years passed, I also started to write about Julie, alone. This is the first time I’m going to write about Elmo, and this post won’t be the last. 

These past days, I’ve heard many news about what we so-called to be “solid” JuliElmo fans transferring to DenLie. This, for me is such a bad news. Worse is, the reasons for transferring are very shallow. The reasons are invalid, for me. So what were the reasons? 

Some said that you really can’t control the feelings of the fans. I saw one tweet saying that they really have just moved on. Some said it’s nakaka-sawa na. Some said they can’t see the spark anymore. But. Some said ELMO.

I am aware, and I know you all are, that we all come to this point in the fandom wherein we start to realize that Julie is more deserving of the support we give to JuliElmo. Why? Because Julie interacts with us. Julie, she’s there whenever there are JuliElmo fan-organized events. She’s always there to answer questions about JuliElmo. She makes us giddy everytime she answers questions about Elmo. She is open, she is friendly to the fans, she shows her appreciation for the support given to her, and she is the most down-to-earth person we all have ever known. For Elmo? He’s not an open book. He has his own wall, a boundary. He is not that showy in showing his appreciation for the support given to him by the fans. He doesn’t go out with his fans, he seldom have meet and greets, and he is a private person.

So where’s this “Saving Elmo” thing?

I’m gonna make this straight to the point. Don’t you think Elmo is the one being so “kawawa” here? You used to say that Julie is more “kawawa” because Elmo’s happy with someone else while Julie is “left out” with no one. This is the reason why you built DenLie, right ex-JuliElmo fans? Because you wanted Elmo to realize what he just lost when he “LEFT” (left was the word you all said) Julie? Because you wanted revenge? That because Elmo had someone, Julie must have someone? And now, deny it or claim it, as I see things, some ex-JuliElmo fans blame Elmo. Some say Elmo is the reason for the “downfall” of JuliElmo. Well, I think Elmo isn’t responsible for any downfall. All this time, I thought that the only person that could destroy JuliElmo is Lauren. I was wrong. Fans were the reason, disappointing. But I’m still glad that some fans still fight for the tandem. Some say Elmo is “paasa”. Paasa because he does these romantic things to Julie and we all get giddy, then the next thing we know, he’s spotted with Lauren. In the first place, did Elmo command you to support him? Did he pay you in exchange of your support? He was even clueless in the first years that he had this huge fanbase. Have you ever heard him say that “uy, maniwala kayo sa ginagawa ko sa mga prod namin ni Julie”. It was purely you, who made yourself believe in what he was doing. You believed because what he showed was natural. Some say Elmo doesn’t care about the tandem. Yeah right, he didn’t care kasi hindi niya sinugal ang relasyon nila ni Lauren para lang mapasaya kayo. Tagalog yan para maintindihan niyo. Let’s be open-minded here. Sinugal niya sarili niyang happiness para lang makapag-pasaya ng maraming tao. Mga tao na siya rin palang susuko at lilipat. When Julie fell onstage, Elmo came up to help her. But what happened? Minasama parin. Some said it was scripted kasi dun daw magaling si Elmo, sa scripted. The boy’s already reaching-out. Buti pa yung mga unexplained photos, nabibigyan ng magandang meaning. Yung mga acts of kind gestures na pinapakita na? Ayun, minamasama. Don’t you guys see the effort of the person? 

You guys used to say that if you’re a true fan, you will support Julie and Elmo individually, even if they will be paired up with others. When Elmo got paired up with Winwyn, many were mad at Elmo. When Julie got paired up with Sam, many got giddy. When Elmo got paired up with Lexi, some got mad at Elmo and Lexi. When Julie got paired up with Alden, almost all JuliElmo fans got giddy and transferred to DenLie. You know what, I realized something. A true JuliElmo fan is selfish. That fan would want it to be JuliElmo, always. Because what is the sense of giving your all-out support if it would be okay for you to see them being paired up with someone else? I realized that a true fan is selfish but they have respect for the personal lives of the people they’re supporting. That’s where they express their individual support, through respect. I admit that I also came to this point wherein I didn’t care if Elmo was sitting beside me, all I ever knew was that Julie was beside me. And that is a true story. I came to a point wherein I didn’t care if I didn’t have a picture with Elmo as long as I had a picture with Julie. I admit that I became all bitter with Lauren because Elmo’s going out with her. Pero alam niyo ano yung pinaglalaban ko? I am proud to say that I didn’t give up. I am proud to say that even if the fandom had so many trials, kumapit parin ako. I am proud to say that kahit minsan nakakainis si Elmo, never ako nakaramdam ng hatred para sa kanya. I am proud to say that kahit papano, natutunan kong respetuhin din si Lauren kahit nakakainis siya. 

We chose to stick to this tandem because of so many reasons, but some chose to give up for one lame reason. And why is it that when Julie commits a mistake, everybody understands. Some even find it cute. When she has a photo with Alden, it’s like it’s okay for everyone. But when Elmo commits a mistake, almost everyone get mad. Some hate him. When a photo of him with Lauren pops out, strong lahat. Bash dito, bash doon. And then everyone will say “kasi kung inamin mo noon pa..” ano? Anong mangyayari? It’s still the same naman e. Pag inamin niya, solid parin ba kayo? Some are just too blinded that they don’t face the reality. The boy has his own life. He would live with it in the way he wants to.

To those who had a change of heart, just make sure that you won’t come back pag napakilig ulit kayo ni Elmo. Don’t tell me pag si Elmo bumalik kay Julie, babalik ulit kayo sa JE? I just realized that Nyel’s line could also be related to Elmo’s situation. “PANG SUMMER LANG AKO?” Pero okay lang. Gusto ko rin maramdaman ulit yung feeling na konti pa lang kayo tapos HH lang sobrang saya na. Yung panahon na sulong lang, walang urong. At kung may balak din pala kayong lumipat, wag niyo na i-broadcast ang pansamantalang pagka-hardcore adik niyo.

Faith is believing in something we can’t see. That is why we have faith in God because even though we can’t see Him, we still believe in Him. We have faith in JuliElmo because even though we know that they’re not in the situation we all want them to be in, we still believe in them. We still believe that someday, our prayers might be answered. We can’t see it but we sure can feel it :)

Yun lang. Gusto ko lang siya ilabas. Sana may maka-intindi na at maka-appreciate ng efforts ni Elmo.


I’m not mad at Alden. I like him. He’s cute, he’s a very good actor. It’s even in my bucketlist na magpa-picture sa kanyang dimple. The only thing I don’t understand is, if he really do respect JuliElmo fans, maybe it would be a little nicer if he would be the one to refuse if asked to have a picture with Julie with his knowledge that it would be published everywhere. I understand that they also have built a fanbase, but it came from the boy’s mouth e. May fans parin naman ang JuliElmo kahit papano. And I’m not posting this against DenLie fans, para to sa mga ex-JuliElmoes na binabalewala si Elmo at sinisisi si Elmo at hini-hate si Elmo. Parang di rin kayo pinakilig dati. Naging wallpaper niyo rin siya dati huy. Hahahaha. But oh well, paper. Basta ako, solid lang :) Kapit lang :)